Berry Picking

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Summer is here

How long is the berry season, anyways?

The date is Sunday, June 29th 2014. For some reason, we have a blackberry bush in our front yard & counted 60 unripe berries. Score. But how long until they ripen? Well, we started doing a daily count and found out they’re basically all ripe within 2 weeks.

What is our RR? (ripening rate)

Now, we weren’t super scientific this first year, so we upped our game in 2015 … learn by (re)doing. The season was earlier by about a week in 2015 … here’s the data:

Berry good data in 2015

Yes, there were more berries in 2015 & there were a few error bars here and there (ahem … Kai) but our initial estimate of 400 berries was pretty darn close, & I was fascinated by that S-curve. The final stats:

2 week season, starting last week of June through 2nd week of July

7 days from first ripe berry to the “berries-galore” knee in the S-curve

7 days from hitting “berries-galore” to end of season

There you have it.

Do you have to make everything soooo boring?



Thanks, Mom